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Best Greek in Birmingham, Alabama

Taziki’s Greek Fare is one of my most missed places to eat in Birmingham, AL (I recommend the one located near UAB hospital in downtown and the one off of 280 in Mountain Brook). Go on a Friday and get the Friday Special! It can’t be beat and I miss it sooo much. Some friends from the office and I made it our Friday tradition and sometimes I would go back and get it on Saturday 🙂


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Hoppy (Folsom Blvd)

Food is pretty good and service is pretty good. The only thing I got there that was disappointing was the BBQ pork sandwich, I think it was the frozen kind….gross! I miss the seasonal summer beer (something with cucumber)…really good!

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Disappointing Dinner @ Carl’s Jr

carlsjrrgbFor year’s I have told many people that the best chicken sandwich out there is a Hardee’s (Carl’s Jr) Chargrilled Chicken sandwich. It is the best and I have put it to the test. Tonight, my wife and I stopped to got one of those awesome sandwiches at Carl’s Jr (We call them Hardee’s down south). This is the second Carl’s Jr I have been to in California and although this one was more pleasant that the first time. I give it a D on customer service and quality. It had to be the worst Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich I have ever had! My wife got the club and I got the BBQ Chargrill. They both were thrown together like the workers didn’t care. This is the thing that bothers me. I mean how hard could there job by that they not put more work into making a quality order. This worker wasting 30 seconds to rush the order could cost this company good customers and lots of money by losing them. The buns were smashed, my wife’s sandwich had mayonnaise all over the place and wrapper. I came expecting the quality food advertised and that I have always experienced. To top it off, the service was not that great and the place could use some cleaning. The time the workers were waiting laughing and playing around, they could have been wiping off dirty tables or making quality food.
I will not give up on the franchise, but i will not be returning to the Carl’s Jr at this location:
8140 Sheldon Rd
Elk Grove, CA 95758-5963
I do have to add that although this experience wasn’t great, it is nowhere near the previous experience i had at the Carl’s Jr located in Sacramento’s Downtown Plaza:
545 Downtown Plz # 1061
Sacramento, CA 95814-3335
(916) 446-5338
This place was a dump. I actually took pictures of the nastiness to send to the company and never had a chance to. Maybe I still have them on my phone to post here. The food took forever to come out (over 20 minutes, when we were running late for  a movie…of course). The crazy thing about it was they had their own security guard who was being paid to do nothing. I guess he is there because of the sketchy people that come in there, but he sat there and watch crap go on. Some ghetto people came in and got drinks from the fountain and it wasn’t even in restaurant cups. Then a scary looking homeless guy comes in and sits beside us and doesn’t even order. The security guy just looked at him and did nothing. Talk about making your customers uncomfortable…there is nothing worst than eating a meal with a stinky drunk homeless guy watching you.
Strike 2 Carl’s Jr…1 more and you are OUT!

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chickFilABack in Alabama, there was a Chick-Fil-A on every corner. I liked it, but took it for granted and realized it after 4 months of living without it. That was until recently when I discovered ONE in Sacramento. In a 1.5 week period, I have been 3 times. Why? Customer Service! This Chick-Fil-A has the best customer service of ANY fast food restaurant I have experienced…hands down! You also can’t beat the sweet tea, this southern commodity is very rare in California! I have only found Sweet Tea at Chick-Fil-A and McDonald’s.

This Chick-Fil-A was clean, the staff was extremely friendly, the food was GREAT…I absolutely give it a 10 out of 10. The great thing about it, was it met my expectation all three times. Very frequently it is only good because the one worker, but they know how to run a business. I caught a glimpse of a book they had on the counter about the Chick-Fil-A experience…I would love to read it. I would like to say it is a company wide thing, but I never got this experience at the ones I visited in Alabama. It was the location here in Sacramento:

2101 Alta Arden Expy
Sacramento, CA 95825-2221
(916) 922-2814

If you have not been to Chick-Fil-A…GO! You are missing out. The Spicy Chicken sandwich is great, as well as the Grilled Club. You have to try it with the Honey roasted BBQ Sauce and a Sweet Tea!

I was impressed that the staff even came to our table to ask us how we were doing and for refills!

Great Job!

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