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A little background about me: I am a southern guy from Alabama and love food…In the south everything revolves around it. You will find a lot of my posts are about restaurants. I was also a waiter in my younger years and worked in the food industry for a while, so I know how it should be done.

I have recently moved to Sacramento, California so most of my blogs will be centered around there. I love trying out new places so I hope to blog recommendations frequently. I also like to travel a lot, so you will follow me on my journey!


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Welcome to my blog…The iCustomer Report. I am just an average guy who expects good quality customer service. In today’s economy everyone needs a good customer. Like most customers, I am looking for a business that treats people as they should be treated. As a manager myself in a field where customer service is key to success, I understand the thought that “without the customer, you don’t have the business.” This thought probably relates to every industry and business out there. How do you keep people coming back? I believe that if you give someone a good experience, they will return. I also believe that the best marketing for a business is by “Word of Mouth.” By impressing customers with good service and quality product, they will talk and it will increase your business.

Why am I doing this blog? Because Customer Service is important to me, I want to share my experiences with others. You may find bad reviews on my blog, but I guarantee that you will find great recommendation on the blog as well.

Please share your thoughts and feedback!

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